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According to Stein, emotionally intelligent workplaces share seven key factors:

Key #1: They hire capable people who love the work they do and show them how they contribute to the bigger picture. It is important to ensure that the person and the job are well suited for one another, and to continually motivate those employees by showing how their daily contributions impact the organization, the local community, and the world.

Key #2: They compensate people fairly. This goes beyond the paycheck. Trust is built when there is equality in compensation. Implement a coherent pay structure which ensures every employee is treated fairly and equally.

Key #3: They do not overwork (or underwork) people. Manageable workloads prevent boredom and burnout. Pay particular attention to the work/life balance of employees. Stress from work spills over into the home and vice versa.

Key #4: They build strong teams with shared purpose and viable goals. No person or department within an organization is an island. Build continued momentum by clearly communicating to each individual the importance of their daily duties.

Key #5: They make sure managers can manage. Star performers do not necessarily make the best managers. Only promote if they possess the desired skill set required in a management position. Once in the position, properly train and mentor new managers.

Key #6: They treat people with respect and leverage their unique talents. Promote a diverse environment free of all forms of tension. Anger destroys relationships and sabotages work productivity levels. Be vigilant in extinguishing hostility and embracing differences in others.

Key #7: They are proactively responsive by doing the right things to win the hearts and minds of their employees. Gain trust and win respect through honesty and integrity. Demonstrate courage during times of change and continually provide opportunities for growth and development.

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