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Body language is very helpful when it comes to detecting lies, but it is not the only method people can use. We teach the same in our Train The Trainer session. There are 30 non-visual cues that can be used to aid in the detection of lies. All behavioural has to be observed and learned. As per our research, we have identified and penning down 30 of them. They are

TTT Certification program based on PRISM Philosophy

TTT Certification program based on PRISM Philosophy

  1. Unusual eye contact

  2. Pupil dilation

  3. Change in blink rate

  4. Eye blocks (touching around the eyes)

  5. Blushing or blanching

  6. Fake smile

  7. Retracted lips

  8. Duper’s Delight (a fleeting smile after an untruthful statement)

  9. Under- or overproduction of saliva

  10. Nose touching

  11. Mouth touching

  12. Vocal Cues

  13. Clammy palms

  14. Foot Movements

  15. Unusual stillness

  16. Pacifying gestures

  17. Decreased illustrators (using fewer hand gestures)

  18. Hidden hands

  19. Nervous laughter

  20. Cathartic exhale

  21. Fidgeting

  22. Gestures afterwords

  23. Partial shrug

  24. Torso shield

  25. Distancing behaviours

  26. Forward Lean

  27. Foot locks

  28. Longer or shorter response times

  29. Frequent and shallow breathing

  30. Throat clearing

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