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Love Leadership approach

In a world where people are seemingly obsessed with success, Love Leadership makes the case that the path to sustained success is paved by leading with love, not fear.

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  1. Loss Creates Leaders. Inner strength and wisdom are the products of legitimate suffering. Most great leaders have gained wisdom after enduring loss.

  2. Fear Fails. Although leading through fear continues to be prevalent today, fear-based leadership is self-defeating and does not lead to sustained success.

  3. Love Makes Money. Basing business success on caring for others and doing good makes an individual wealthy and is critical to long-term success in business.

  4. Vulnerability is Power. Opening up to others can be one’s greatest strength because it encourages people to do the same.

  5. Giving is Getting. The more a leader gives to others, the more likely he will attract good people, inspire loyalty, and experience true wealth.

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