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Master Hiring

Entrepreneurs get easily derailed when they employ the wrong people. They must learn how to recruit and retain top talent while drawing the best out of them. Hiring cannot be based on a candidate’s enthusiasm; the candidate’s credentials and skills must be matched to the needs of the entrepreneur’s organization.

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Poor hiring practices can be expensive; a poorly performing employee has been recruited, trained, paid, and retained–which usually equates to costs in the six figures.

Entrepreneurs need to hire great employees who make life easier for them and improve their businesses. Great employees are A-players. They transcend other types of employees because they:

*Want to work with other A-players, so they are attracted to companies that are vigilant about hiring only A-players.

*Win. A company is successful not because of the products or services offered, but because it hires A-players.

*Are highly paid, but in the end they pay for themselves by producing successful products and services.

A corporate culture evolves from the people in the organization; it cannot be shaped by leaders. Therefore, entrepreneurs who want a high-performance culture should focus on hiring high-performing people.We at Prism conduct session focussing customer centricity highlighting Acumen and Customer centricity.

Because recruiting is such a key skill, an entrepreneur should not delegate final hiring decisions to someone else. Hiring just one wrong person can bring disaster to the culture and the organization’s bottom line. To become masterful at hiring, an entrepreneur can be guided by the following principles:

* Principle 1: Know what they want in an employee. These “wants” should include the best people who can deliver the best performance; people who have character are disciplined, loyal, and positive; and people who have the passion, attitude, personality, and heart for the work the entrepreneurs do.

* Principle 2: Consider only employees who want to work where other A-players work, want to participate in something great, want the opportunity for advancement in an organization with big goals and ambitions, want to grow, want to be compensated well for the great work that they deliver.

* Principle 3: Employees are motivated when a business is fun, and to be fun, a business must provide employees with meaningful work.

Entrepreneurs should never view hiring as a solution to a problem (e.g., to put out fires). Instead, they should hire proactively (e.g., ahead of growth or to start new projects).

Writer : Enterpreneur : Dr.Anubha Walia


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