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Ten Time Wasting Behaviors

Ten Time Wasting Behaviors 


Session with multinational firm Panasonic by Anubha and Manpreet

1. Failing to stop and think. When individuals do not invest in planning and preparation, they end up spending excessive amounts of time on execution. Time spent organizing thoughts before starting a project results in time savings and better quality results.

2. Multitasking. Research has shown that multitasking is an inefficient use of time. Important, high priority projects should be given undivided attention.

3. Demanding perfection. Seeking perfection is a waste of time. The time, effort, energy, and emotion needed reduces productivity.

4. Working without breaks. When people work without breaks, they inevitably reach a point where their focus and concentration decreases dramatically. The diminishing returns associated with continuous work result in wasted time.

5. Worrying and waiting. Both worry and procrastination can undermine one’s success. Waiting prevents people from taking a productive course of action.

6. Watching television. The average Indian watches more than 25 hours of television each week. Techniques for reducing time spent in front of the television include preplanning one’s TV schedule, scheduling “no watch zones” during the week, and prerecording programs.

7. Surfing the web. The amount of time that people spend on the Internet is increasing. Stay focused when using the web for research or information gathering.

8. Managing junk mail. Both email and paper mail have been inundated with junk content. It is possible to register with web sites to reduce the flow of junk mail.

9. Wasting commuting time. Time spent commuting does not need to be wasted time. Zeller listens to audio books and educational pod casts in his car.

10. Spending time with negative people. Spending time with negative people can reduce one’s energy and productivity. It is prudent to reduce the influence of negative people on one’s life.

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