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Great leaders must be aware of the fact that each of the seven mindsets has a corresponding dark side:

  1. High aspirations: Aspirations should not be about self; rather, leaders should focus on the mission and gain team buy-in.

  2. Courage: Leaders should not be lone heroes; success will come from a team effort.

  3. Resilience: Leaders should avoid pointless battles. They should fight only for prizes worth the effort, where success is assured, or when there is no other way to achieve the goal.

  4. Positive: Leaders should avoid denial, recognizing and dealing with problems as they arise.

  5. Collaborative: Leaders should not chase popularity but instead earn trust and respect.

  6. Accountability: Leaders must not try to do everything by themselves.

  7. Growth: Leaders must drive toward action, recognizing that learning is a means, not an end.

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