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PRISM Philosophy is a leading Corporate training and Executive Coaching  firm specializes in Soft skills, Behavior, Quality, Executive & leadership Coaching, Yoga and Wellness. Prism provides solutions to corporate spanning the entire gamut of classroom, online, one-on-one bringing growth for corporates, institutions and individuals alike. Founded by Dr.Anubha Walia, with her team has empowered 60000+ professionals, clocking ~160,000 man-hours of interventions through training and coaching. Prism Mission is to strive to bring growth and positive change to corporations through this unique training and coaching program.With an innovative, powerful people development intervention & solution helping  to create a “New you” where people will bring out the best and achieve as desired by organisation. PRISM™ empowers individuals and organizations with innovative and industry-focused solutions by offering a unique model “The PRISM™ Philosophy” focused on PREPARE, RESPECT, IMPLEMENT, SHARE and MAINTAIN.  Our deep understanding of the Learning & Development, coupled with our passion enables us to deliver value-based solutions to our clients encompasses five key components: Excel, Endow, Envision, Empower, and Eminence.


About Prism

Prism helps in  identifying the core competencies pivotal to catalyze success and design strategic intervention specific to your needs. Our deep understanding of L&D  coupled with our passion on people development enables us to deliver value-based solutions to our clients globally though training, coaching and consultancy.

Founder's thought

 Dr.Anubha Walia

Playing a positive role to serve community & to bring positive change, is what drives us. When companies choose to do what’s right not only for their bottom line but also to build customer trust, here PRISM support you. Our mission align with the organization’s overall mission and helps to achieve goals by making responsible learned GenY&Z with our blended learning initiatives through training, coaching, facilitation and mentoring.

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Information Technology


Identify your personality traits that can influence organisational cultural fitment, trainability & performance by understanding what drives and motivates you.


Our learning experiences transform individuals and teams to help businesses achieve success focusses on creating "New You".



Aims to inspire and enable individuals to continually develop and discover self with aim to influence positive outcomes for individuals, organizations and communities.

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