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The art of leadership has changed significantly from previous generations. The workforce is made up of younger employees, has a different gender makeup, includes more minorities, and incorporates various work locations, such as remote and home offices. Motivating these employees requires different approaches with Coaching them.


True leaders are neither bosses who motivate by authority and fear while issuing commands nor managers who incentivize employees by offering minor gifts and privileges. True leaders in the 21st century have characteristics that set great leaders apart from the average ones:

* Leaders set the standard. Employees work only as well, as disciplined, or as fast as their leaders do. Leaders must model the changes that they want to see in others.

* Leaders take unpopular actions. As leaders, entrepreneurs will have to make tough decisions that could upset others, such as laying off employees.

* Leaders develop employees by coaching* them. They help employees think for themselves. Instead of dictating, they facilitate by drawing out the talent, drive, and abilities of team members.

* Leaders let others lead. Leaders should find ways to delegate nearly all tasks–except being a visionary leader.


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