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How Creativity prevails in Culture


PSU – GAIL has been conferred with the Maharatna status on 1 Feb 2013, by the Government of India. 


We trained professional of GAIL belonging to various part of northern region and was impressed to see their dedication towards promoting HINDI (Our Matra Bhasha). Sessions placard to name plate to feedback form was in english and hindi both.  Introduction by participants to closure of the session, we were overwhelmed with the apt hindi words each participants were using. 

We read so much about Culture of an organization in research paper, articles and our learning was GAIL’s culture was flowing in everyone’s DNA i.e Firstly-Safety &Security and Secondly – Promoting Hindi and also incentivizing them was maximum usages of our language.  Our sincere compliment to the Senior Leaders and each employee of biggest public sector is gas industry, making all of us proud for providing safety to its employes and using Hindi language to the core.

Learning : Brainstorming an important element for towards creativity and innovation is called MASTISHQ MANTHAN in Hindi.

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