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When I say PCM ; its PLEASURE, CHALLENGE and MEANINGFUL. Happiness is not just word, but a feeling sometimes hard to describe. During my session with Multinational Conglomerate in 2nd Week of May’14 on Managing Self and Time, we identified PCM is very important to happiness. What is PCM? ITS……

Time Management Training

Training conducted by Prism Trainings and Consultancy. Visit

PLEASURE : a positive sensation which needs to generate immediately through sensory activities ( tasty meal, strolling next to beach, glass of fav wine), or emotional trigger (jokes, trigger of great memory). Pleasure is something we REACT to.

CHALLENGE : something that stretches us. Instead of reacting we ACT. achieving Challenging task leads to undefined happiness.

MEANING : It means different to different people. Meaning comes from belief that whatever we do should go beyond the act; i.e contributing to social goal, supporting others, improving ourselves.

Guys please look around for HAPPINESS …its actually at your doorstep, you just have to open the door and ENJOY of HAPPINESS is standing with open arms.

If you wan to attend this session contact

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