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Katastasi Award 2021 to Prism Philosophy

This Second runner up case award : has been developed to elucidate Learning and development practices pertaining people skill enhancement and development at Prism Philosophy. PRISM is a New Delhi, India based organization focusing on Corporate training, Organization development, Skills academy, Corporate /Executive Coaching, Yoga and wellness. The Company over the

years has been utilizing its research-b

ased ideology manifested into the underlying philosophy PRISM – Prepare, Respect, Implement, Share and Maintain, the five key words that frame its unique mantra. This case study of-fers deep insights into the Philosophical journey and how it has been helping provide People development on multiple elements like Soft skills. Behavioral elements, Quality, Wellness to name a few. It further moves on to the escalating into the Skills Academy and also to managing the pandemic induced challenges by way of stepping into and building upon an online- virtual session series in sync with the mission of improvising and strengthening the 3Rs-Reach, Review and Revenue. The case exhibits it all as it moves through the milestones touched, the challenges overthrown, the accomplishments along the way and finally converges to the unexplored and instigates the reader to explore and suggest future direction thereby adding a dimension of inquisitiveness in an entrepreneurial journey. Ask for full case study. Mail

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