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Outbound Team Building

Outbound Program by Prism Trainings (

Outbound Program by Prism Trainings (

Do Outbound Training Program on Team Building has great learning? A question I keep thinking and wondering what makes them come together. We have conducted numerous program with Blue chip organisation and concluded people learn and learn and introspect their own action and reflect. As a facilitator if we work on Seek than Tell in Session it works BEST towards dysfunctionality.

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The important aspect of any dys-functionality in Team is

Absence of TRUST, Fear of CONFLICT, Lack of COMMITMENT and less attention on RESULT.

If you are looking for program with your team, people enquire at

By ANUBHA WALIA: She is an International Trainer, Facilitator and OD Specialist is a founder of Prism Trainings & Consultancy (, specialises in Human Process Facilitation carries  15 +  years of rich experience at senior role in Trainings & Quality. Her expertise includes Human Process intervention, Followership & Leadership, Team building and Quality Change Agent specialist.

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