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Trust me readers, I am so happy to share this ” WE ALL ARE LEADERS and have LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOUR”. My session with the Corporates of bluechip organisation on 17th May 2014, in MDP workshop, made me realised this. How did I realised? Every member showcased various Leadership behaviour : Leading, Inspiring, Motivating, Cognitive skills, Caring during the session.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

The activity of transforming CIRCUS INDUSTRY was insightful where each group showcased there thoughts in creating VISION, MISSION and STRATEGY for transforming circus industry by making a Circus show not only for Gen Z, Gen Y but also for Gen X.

Only thought crossed my mind ….if each one of us identify peoples behaviours which is leading to the growth of an organisation and same gets recognised in forum, will not only act as Reinforcement and but a LEADER will emerge.

Readers…showcase your leadership style….. make yourself grow….make organisation grow

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