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Absolutes for Leadership

Is Leadership is important or we need to focus on followership too. We still need to explore this


1. Lead: Leading is less about analytics and decisions, and more about motivating, and empowering others to make those decisions.

2. Purpose: This is the vision of the company.

3. Strategy: Strategy is rooted in the leader’s idea about what matters most in the company.

4. People: A successful team must be a mosaic of talents and abilities that work together.

5. Measure: Effective leadership requires data and hard, indisputable facts.

6. Empower: Empowerment is not something that can be given out. People must empower themselves.

7. Reward: Reward in the workplace is about more than paychecks, bonuses, and perks.

8. Anticipate: The success of an organization will be determined by the accuracy of the leader’s intuition and judgment.

9. Navigate: Navigating takes objectivity and clarity to see opportunities.

10. Communicate: Communication means connecting and inspiring, not just the transmission of information.

11. Listen: True leaders do far more listening than talking

12. Learn: A leader with learning agility excels at absorbing information from experience and applying it to the present.

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