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According to Owen, there are three different types of mindsets:

  1. The accountable mindset, in which leaders control their own destinies and shape the world.

  2. The corporate mindset, where managers perform within an established framework, like a cog in a machine.

  3. The victim mindset, which causes people to feel helpless in the face of the world around them.

Truly successful leaders believe they are accountable for what happens to them and for their own feeling. They also believe that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow, that other successful leaders are role models rather than competitors, and that they have the talent to succeed.

Leaders can cultivate accountable mindsets by celebrating success and learning from it, always evaluating why things went well. They should face brutal facts and learn from them, and look to the future without engaging in the blame game. They should learn from both the good and bad experiences of others, and avoid judging or being overly critical.

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