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Dreams are not achieved alone. As Maxwell says, people must have a “dream team.” To properly answer the People Question, an individual needs to determine whether or not they have included all the people necessary to realize a dream. Walt Kallestad, CEO of The Joy Company, developed an acrostic list for “dream team” qualities. Good team members:

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* Dare to focus on the dreamer’s significance, not just his or her success.

* Respond to the dreamer’s ideas with respect, rather than disgust or contempt.

* Expect the best.

* Affirm the dreamer’s talents and abilities.

* Maximize learning and growth opportunities to improve both the dream and the dreamer.

* Take time to give honest feedback.

* Encourage the dreamer unconditionally to help him or her persevere.

* Accept only excellence, since mediocrity kills dreams.

* Make the most of the dreamer’s mistakes and failures.

Maxwell also identifies three additional qualities for dream team members. He seeks out people who inspire him, who are honest, and whose skills complement his. There are four steps that people can take to recruit and engage a dream team:

* To recruit the team, transfer the vision. Dream casting requires good communication skills and conviction in the significance of the dream.

* Transfer the dream logically. People do not buy into dreams if they do not believe in them. The first step in gaining credibility is to communicate a dream logically. This means that people must demonstrate an understanding of the dream that is at least as comprehensive as their audience. The second step is to offer a sound strategy for achieving the dream.

* Transfer the dream emotionally. People will only embrace a dream if the dreamer connects with them emotionally. This means describing the dream in a way that appeals to the audience’s interests, demonstrating how committed the dreamer is to the dream, and illustrating the benefits of attaining the dream.

* Transfer the dream visually. When dreamers do everything within their power to live their dreams, they become a living advertisement for the dream. This is compelling to others.

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