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Prime the Brain for High Performance

Those who want to become positive broadcasters must learn how to use power leads, which are positive openers that set the tone for a conversation. These positive power leads prime the brain to focus on growth. The human brain receives 11 million bits of information every second. However, it can only process about 40 to 50 bits of that information, so people choose what they will pay attention to. By focusing others’ attention on the positive, a positive broadcaster can influence the social script. For example, a clerk at Wal-Mart primes interactions with customers by saying, “It is a great day! How are you doing?”

Thanks to evolutionary influences, people may be on the lookout for threats and be prone to see the negatives in a given situation. Negative individuals fall into three categories:

1. The PSA expert: This is a person who warns others about the bad things that could happen to them.

2. The tornado: People who begin conversations by talking about their most recent traumatic experience fall into this category.

3. The squasher: These people highlight the negative in order to express the seriousness of a situation.

People who want to start using power leads should focus on one of the areas below and add 1 power lead per day for the next 21 days:

*Conversations. People should think of something positive and share it. Others will likely respond with positive remarks. This works well with coworkers and clients.

*Meetings. Sharing positive news and showing gratitude are great ways to prime a group for a productive meeting.

*Email. Starting a message on a positive note can reduce miscommunication. A simple “Hope you are doing well” can go a long way.

*Reports. Reports can start with a positive goal to focus the reader’s attention.

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