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In order for individuals to become leaders, they must have people to lead. To do this, leaders must commit to winning. People

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  1. The Principle of the Objective means that the goals of the company must be clear to every employee — there can be no confusion.

  2. The Principle of the Offensive states that leaders never sit back and wait for something to happen, but instead take control.

  3. The Principle of the Mass means that the best people and resources are focused on the area on which the company is most likely to win.

  4. The Principle of Maneuver translates to being flexible and creative.

  5. The Principle of Intelligence states that leaders gather all the facts and information before they make a decision.

  6. The Principle of Concerted Action means that everyone on the team has the same goals and same values.

  7. The Principle of Unity of Command states that there is one leader who is ultimately responsible.


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