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Deal with Negative People

Negativity can be contagious. Studies have shown that negative people affect others’ stress levels, health, and productivity at work. Positive broadcasters can improve communications with negative people by temporarily removing themselves from the situation. Positive broadcasters should follow three steps:

1. Retreat. Sometimes a conversation or situation is a lost battle. In the following instances, it is better for individuals to accept defeat and preserve resources for the future:

*Their defenses are down. Positive broadcasters should avoid negative people or situations when they are stressed, tired, or otherwise challenged.

*The other person is deeply entrenched. If the other person is too emotionally charged, it not the time to engage in a conversation.

*They are outnumbered. Sometimes it is the wrong time or place to engage with a negative person.

2. Regroup. Those who want to be positive broadcasters should create habits to increase positivity and reduce stress, such as sending thank-you emails or taking pictures.

3. Reenter. Positive broadcasters prepare themselves to face negative people or situations by:

*Knowing the terrain. It is important to find the best time and place for the interaction.

*Bringing reinforcements. Having other positive people around can diminish negative energy.

*Doing a two-minute drill. Positive broadcasters practice for interactions with negative people. They start with a power lead, keep the conversation short, and end on a good note

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