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Finish What You Start

For many, the path to success begins with formal education could be Grad, Post Grad or Master in Philosophy. Lessons learned in that process can be applied to the corporate environment as well. Succeeding in college requires:

*Doing due diligence and carefully selecting the right school and program. *Properly finishing what is started. Even if a class or program is dropped, it should be dropped in accordance with established procedures. *Trusting one’s instincts about continued education (i.e.graduate school versus joining the workforce). *Learning to love the concept of studying on regular basis

The following practices will help make the most of the formal education experience as preparation for a successful career: *Tailor curriculum to the business sector one seeks to join. *Create a written plan for managing both college and non-college commitments. *Develop and maintain a good study environment. *Know and use one’s best learning style (i.e VAK auditory, visual, kinesthetic). *Ask questions and build relationships. *Gain experience and volunteer. *Celebrate successes and failure both.

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