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One of the secrets to creating memorable events is to create a training plan in advance of the session. When developing this type of plan, instructors can consider nine techniques:

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  1. Eliciting input about what learners hope will be covered and excluded.

  2. Establishing training goals at the beginning of the session.

  3. Using a building block approach to content, moving from basic concepts to more advanced ones.

  4. Building in time for learners to process what they have learned.

  5. Selecting three to five key concepts to focus on. You can use PRISM Philosophy

  6. Addressing all learning modalities, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

  7. Using creative training aids that incorporate sound, color, motion and novelty.

  8. Confirming that learning is happening.

  9. Incorporating an activity that assesses whether the learners’ needs have been met.

Another way to ensure that training sessions are successful is to schedule them at the optimal time of day and time of year. Instructors must consider learners’ body clocks or “circadian rhythms.” The best time to hold heavy thinking activities is between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The starting and ending times for training should also take into account travel patterns and work hours. Trainers should also pay attention to the best month, the best day of the week, and the best time of the month to schedule sessions. Onsite training is convenient for attendees, but the proximity of the office can also be a distraction for participants.

To make the most of classroom time, suggestions are : (1) ensure that all details are set, (2) rehearse the instructions, (3) plan all the class activities in advance, (4) create flip chart headers in advance, (5) send forms to participants in advance, (6) bring extras of all materials, (7) be prepared to control the heat and other aspects of the environment, (8) use creative ways to select volunteers and form groups, (9) manage learner behavior, (10) draw learners back to the classroom on time, (11) ask learners to assess their assignments, (12) gather learner feedback throughout the session, (13) monitor time, and (14) flick the lights on and off to attract attention.

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