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Making Faster Decisions

Making Faster Decisions 

Our training with FSS team was quite in-siteful and sharing some tips for you reader. Many people labor over decisions because they are afraid of making the wrong choice. Others have overcome this challenge by using a six step system for decision-making.

Anubha's Session on Problem Solving Decision Making

Anubha’s Session on Problem Solving Decision Making

1. Evaluate the decision’s gravity. Objectively assess the magnitude of the situation. Important decisions related to business, family, health, or finances, require more time and effort.

2. Determine the timeframe for the decision. Set a reasonable deadline for the decision which provides adequate time to research different options.

3. Settle on two options. Too many options can be confusing. Finding two options that are best aligned with one’s personal or business goals will result in fast and effective decision making.

4. Does the decision feel intuitively correct? Before taking a lot of time to research options, check to see if the options feel intuitively correct. Zeller says that the best decisions make sense logically and feel good intuitively.

5. Research the top options. More data leads to greater confidence about decisions. While research is important, Zeller

warns to not become overwhelmed by a sea of data.

6. Determine the most efficient way to reach the desired result. Quantify what the decision will cost in terms of time, effort, and resources. Also look at the desired end result and determine which path is best for getting there.

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