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As we have stepped into the 2024,, out of the cold and into the fields of booming nature, spring reminds us to make a move,

get out of our shells and advance to a higher level with all the hustle and all the strength. It is the time to act to fulfill our desires instead of sleeping on our laurels.

“Easier said than done”- someone has rightly said. Getting out of one’s cocoon is not that easy. A calm and balanced state of mind is very important to take on challenges and push ourselves in order to achieve what is desired. But the lifestyle that we follow and the rejections we face imbibes so much mental and psychological stress that renders us lethargic and demotivated and we end up giving upon our desires.

Now that we know how crucial a healthy mind is for a wholesome wellbeing, it is also important to know what healthy practices could help cope with daily stress and achieve higher level of attention and awareness.

Meditation is the answer. This ancient practice of finding inner peace, aligning energies and calming the constant wrenched noises is a must have in our daily routine. Only 10 minutes of “sadhana” everyday can rejuvenate your mind and relax every nerve and tension in your body.

Can you really free your mind from all the traffic? No. This is practically impossible. It is a human tendency to keep feeding your brain some information every second. With meditation, you will not blackout your mind, but lower the noise. The images will still appear on your mind-screen but meditation helps you to embrace the flow of your thoughts and let go of them. That’s when you inculcate the art of concentration.

When you truly detach from the adverse situations which are not under your control, you relax your mind which gives you the power to fight and slog.

Meditation heightens the state of self-awareness and improves mindfulness. It can greatly reduce anxiety and helps to deal with depression. Apart from this, meditation can help you have a better sleep and manage diseases such as insomnia, bulimia, high blood pressure etc.

It is a deliberate measure to bring a healthy shift in your consciousness which can eventually result in a shift of the perspective with which you see the world around you. It strengthens your power to remain calm even when things are falling apart and channelize your inner energy and align it with the intention of greater good.

This increased faith in the universe as well as in yourself is all you need to achieve your dreams and desires. Meditation makes you at one with the nature. So, what are you waiting for? Resonate your self-bloom with the spring season and lead a life to your full potential.

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