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Meet the SHEROES – Anubha Walia

One word for me– A dreamer. But then only relying on dreams isn’t enough. I love to dream and achieve the dreams, converting them into reality.  I am originally from Ajmer and completed my graduation from LSR, Delhi University,currently pursuing my PhD, first lady from India doing research on “Followership”, and devoting myself to training and quality. My training journey was hard but fruitful, from disappointments to winning well-known accolades.

I watched the world go by as it is, the pessimist remained while the opportunists were flourishing, being confined to home in the early years of marriage, I was somewhere torn between taking care of my little one and being an ideal home-maker to going out there and achieving my professional dreams. It was then with support of my husband that I finally made the bold move!

But I chose to overcome everything that was pulling me back, family pressures, fear of unknown, anticipation of future and took the leap of faith. With the leap was born,  “I” the “doer “who, with time used her potential to the fullest and gained as much experience as she could and today after over 16 years in the industry stands here with pride.

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