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Talent does not automatically equate to success. The key ingredient in crafting a beneficial career trajectory is persistence. Persistence separates the great from the mediocre. Persistent individuals translate motivation and tenacity into personal effort. How a person internalizes motivation and where that motivation comes from are crucial in determining persistence. Extrinsic motivation has a short shelf life. Persistence is best achieved via intrinsic motivation, or those internal factors that make up individual passions and give sustainable drive to outward actions.

Success is maximized when aided by passion and enthusiasm. However, overenthusiasm can impair performance just as easily as a lack of enthusiasm. People should seek a balanced enthusiasm, which will help them achieve their goals in a measured, sustainable manner.

When achieved, persistence can be a differentiating factor in work and life. In professional workspaces, there is often a range restriction imposed by the hiring process that ensures employees are somewhat similar in talents and qualities. When one-half of the success equation is shared by everyone else in the office, it can be hard to stand out. Persistence has consistently proven to be a primary differentiating quality in work environments, and it is a primary ingredient in any successful career trajectory.

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