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PREPARE for Job Interviews

Attend Interview Tip Training from Anubha - contact

Attend Interview Tips Training from Anubha – contact


Interviews provide individuals with opportunities to bring their experiences, qualifications, personalities, and unique skills to life. For the company, the interview is an opportunity to assess a candidate’s fit with company culture.

*Being well-rounded, interesting, and curious about the world. *Caring about more than just the specific job and showing interest in the entire business. *Sharing a passion for something. *Demonstrating a willingness to admit to mistakes and embracing them as learning opportunities. *Having opinions on current affairs. *Showing initiative.

The techniques below can help ensure a successful experience before, during, and after the interview. Before the Interview – Read news, Visit organisation website, check organisation milestones achieved, identify their values, DNA, Vision, Mission.

During the Interview First impressions are very important. Candidates must dress professionally, be on time, behave politely, and use body language that reflects calm confidence. Candidates should ask questions that show interest in the company, not an interest in themselves, including questions that extend beyond the company to the industry and global affairs.

After the Interview Candidates should always follow up with personal notes thanking interviewers for the opportunity to meet.

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