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QUESTIONOLOGIST: From “Why Not” to “What if”

QUESTIONOLOGIST : From “Why Not” to “What if”

I started using this term and changed my style of Questioning ever since I have the book on Beautiful questions by Warren Berger and applied in my consultancy projects or doing training on Behavioural and Quality programs.

By changing the complex perspective enable us to see old problems in a new light. We need to practice asking thoughtful questions at the right time in order to make the best choices when it matters the most. It aimed at thinkers, creators, problem-solvers and decision-makers.

Well How can we encourage others to question more

  1. Question night with family


  3. Share a good question on social media

  4. When someone ask a question : instead of telling that a good question ..Tell them why you think it’s fascinating or important question.

  5. Sharing What Is my one “Big Beautiful Question?”

If you want to be CREATIVE Stop asking these 6 question

Am I creative?

How creative I Am?

Where will I find an original Idea

Where will I find the time to create

How can I come up with an idea that will make money

Where do I begin

Courageous question

What would I try if I knew I could not fail

What is the worst that could happen

If I did fail, what would be the likely causes

And how would revoker from that failure

What if I succeed – what would that look like

How can I take one small step into the breach

Questions to ask instead “how are you?”

What’s the best thing that happened to you

What are you excited about in your life right now

What are the most looking forward to at this gathering


What are you most passionate about

What problem do you wish you could solve

What did you want to be when you were growing up


Just to be clear, you are saying…

Can you explain what you mean by that

I imagine that made you feel ___, right

And what else?

Before Takin god leadership Challenge, ASK

Why do I want to lead this endeavour

Why would others want me to lead them

Does the answer to the first question also work as an answer to the second


“What can we do to right this wrong”

To determine if you are ready to be 21st century Leader, ASK

Am I willing to Step Back in order to help others move forward?

Do I have the confidence to be humble

Can I learn to Keep learning

Do I seek to create an organisation in my own image

Use these Question to “crack your code” as leader

Wo are my fav influencers

When have I been at my best

When have I come up short-and why

What have I taken a stand for ( and against)

What is my tagline (you are “about” as a leader)

To sharpen your leadership focus, ASK

What is one thing I can do that would make everything else easier or necessary

What should we stop doing

What do I want to go big on

Which stupid rule should be kill

At this moment, what is the highest, best use of my time

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