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SMARTER Concept for Winning

Best of the leaders test their expectations with the concept S.M.A.R.T.E.R. measurements to ensure clarity and explained well below but would highlight with a real example of Chandamita Brother who is a true leader and influenced her by giving her direction & thought to become Trainer in Corporate world and today Chandamita is certified trainer in PRISM Philosophy  & delivering successfully in corporate. How leaders use SMARTER concept :


How Brother of Chandamita used SMARTER concept and inspired her to complete TTT course with PRISM & how  she turned out to be a  great trainer.

• Specific: A detailed vision of the actions and deadlines that are required for the project must be provided. • Measurable: The project completion point must be specific and measurable. • Attainable: The goal must be realistically attainable by the team with its current resources. • Results oriented: The requested task must move the company toward a desired objective. • Trackable: There should be measurable milestones along the way to ensure progress is being made. • Ethical: The requested tasks must align with personal and company values. • Recorded: There should be someone aside from the requestor who knows about the effort and is available to answer questions. After a manager presents expectations that have passed the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. test, he or she still must ask employees to reflect back what is being asked of them. This helps to ensure that the leader’s vision is being accurately communicated to staff.

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