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Spark Positive Thinking with Questions

Questions that are crafted and timed well can change people’s stories, habits, and motivations in a powerful way. There are four major types of questions that promote positive change:


Appreciation leading to positivity

1. Digging for gold. Successful positive broadcasters know how to gather information by asking open-ended questions. Just asking “why?” can yield beneficial information.

2. Shifting the focus. By using the appreciative inquiry (AI) approach, those who want to become positive broadcasters can help shift the focus of a conversation from negative to positive. Examples of AI questions include:

*When are you at your best?

*What are your three greatest strengths?

*What was the best part of your day?

3. Next best. This sort of question is used when there are negatives beyond a person’s control. It helps all parties make the best of a bad situation by focusing attention on those factors individuals can control.

4. What else? Positive broadcasters know to ask the question, “Is there anything else you want to tell me?” This question helps the broadcasters learn about things they may not have even considered.

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