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Every entrepreneur must face the initial fear of starting a business–and perhaps face down that fear every day. Fear is a perception, a negative emotion conjured up by the mind. Entrepreneurs can practice six activities to suppress the mind’s tendency to generate fear:

  1. Gain perspective by asking themselves if the tasks they are afraid of are putting them in mortal danger. For example, making a cold call is not the same as facing a dangerous animal.

  2. Realize that anticipating an event is often more frightening than the event itself. For example, the fear of public speaking often is stronger before the speaking event than during the talk.

  3. Force themselves to be courageous for just 20 seconds. Usually, those few moments are all entrepreneurs need to become engaged in activities and for their fear to dissipate.

  4. Focus not on the outcomes but on accomplishing the tasks. Sometimes, entrepreneurs magnify their fears by assuming the worst results instead of performing well the task at hand.

  5. Become accustomed to facing fear on a regular basis. The more entrepreneurs practice overcoming fear, the easier it is for them to deal with fear in their day-to-day activities.

  6. Make fear and failure fun. Successful people also experience lots of failure, which is a necessary component of personal development en route to success. Entrepreneurs should accept failure and be less fearful of it.

In the world of business, entrepreneurs who overcome their fears and take risks also profit as a result.


Sometimes, entrepreneurs reach the pinnacle of success only to realize that they achieved goals they did not set out to accomplish. They wanted something else out of life. To achieve satisfaction, entrepreneurs should keep the following advice in mind:

*Do not seek to achieve the dreams of others. Entrepreneurs should listen to their own hearts and follow their own paths.

*Do not miss the point of being successful. Entrepreneurs should pursue those goals that truly fulfill them.

*Keep priorities straight and always do the right thing, no matter how difficult it is to do. Ambition for success should not get in the way of succeeding in those areas that have real meaning in entrepreneurs’ lives.

*Be courageous and trust gut instincts to find a seat on the entrepreneur roller coaster.

*Maintain resolve when facing naysayers, critics, and skeptics.

*Enjoy the ride and all it brings: resilience, confidence, and skillfulness.

*Be grateful to have been given the potential to make significant contributions. Entrepreneurs can impact the people and communities around them.

There is a great entrepreneur inside everyone. However, for many people, running a business–riding the entrepreneur roller coaster–is a prospect too scary to attempt. To help them step onto the ride, successful entrepreneurs can let potential entrepreneurs know they believe in them.

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