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To answer the Pathway Question affirmatively, people must have a strategy to reach their dream. When Maxwell wants to make progress toward a dream, he evaluates his current position, where he wants to go, and what steps he must take to get to his goal. He recommends three actions to execute a strategy and achieve a dream:

1. Do something. It is essential to get moving and try different things. Even if a person does not know exactly what to do to achieve a dream, it should not prevent them from doing something to get things started.

2. Do something today related to the dream. It is very easy to get bogged down in daily tasks. People who are serious about achieving their dreams find something each day that will bring them closer to their dreams.

3. Do something every day to advance the dream. The secret to success is focused persistence. Doing the right things day after day will result in inevitable progress toward a dream.

In addition to this advice, Maxwell offers four more tips for developing a pathway toward a dream:

* Be flexible. Once a strategy has been developed, it is important to remain flexible. While a dream may remain the same over time, other things may change like timelines, resources, plans, and team members. A rigid mindset can prevent people from achieving their dreams.

* Remove the nonessentials. It is always necessary to give up some things to achieve a dream. Removing nonessentials from a daily routine is a good idea. Often, people are unable to reach their dreams because they try to carry too many things along on their journey.

* Embrace all the challenges. Everyone encounters challenges on the route to a dream. It is best to prepare and face them head on. Failures should be embraced and analyzed. This prevents people from making the same mistake twice.

* Use the SECURE acronym to help with planning. State all positions, Examine all actions, Consider all options, Utilize available resources, Remove all the nonessentials, and Embrace all challenges.

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