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Tips and Tricks to be used by TRAINERS

The following tips and tricks can help trainers tackle common workshop issues:

• Audience engagement. Some of the most effective methods for keeping audiences engaged include asking rhetorical questions, being authentic, and storytelling.

• Bloopers. Mistakes are inevitable; allowing a mistake to derail a presentation is not. When something goes wrong, a trainer should lighten the situation with a joke.

• Candy, treats, gifts, and prizes. Candy and treats are not only great energizers, but can be used as prizes and rewards.


• Crowd control. To control large audiences, trainers must use their microphones and vocal cues to regain attention.

• Appropriate dress. A presenter should ensure his or her hair, makeup, and wardrobe are neat and professional, and not outdated.

• Magic/illusion. Since magic tricks can add levity to social situations, trainers might consider integrating some into their presentations.

• Slideshow presentations. To prevent boring PowerPoint presentations, trainers should focus on no more than three to four points. Slideshows should include images and succinct points, not long sentences. An ideal presentation is 20 minutes long, with 10 slides in 30-point font.

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